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doc 1969 Herb Fitch - Barriers to Christhood.doc106 KB
doc 1969 Herb Fitch - Building the Spiritual Body - Consciousness.doc114.5 KB
mp3 1969 Herb Fitch 1a - Building the spiritual body - Consciousness.mp315.2 MB
mp3 1969 Herb Fitch 1b - Building the spiritual body - Consciousness.mp318.46 MB
mp3 1969 Herb Fitch Early talk - Reality & illusion.mp326.16 MB
mp3 Herb_Fitch_1969_On_These_The_Second_Death_Hath_No_Power_Part_I.mp316.76 MB
mp3 Herb_Fitch_1969_On_These_The_Second_Death_Hath_No_Power_Part_II.mp314.09 MB
mp3 Herb_Fitch_1969_The_Armor_of_God_Part_I.mp324.52 MB
mp3 Herb_Fitch_1969_The_Armor_of_God_Part_II.mp312.38 MB
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